History of Abhiyantran

Abhiyantran 2014

Abhiyantran is the annual technical fest of National Institute of Technology Sikkim, an institute of national importance, Govt. of India. After the establishment of campus in 2010, students struggled a lot to develop it. Being in the lap of the Himalayas, we have overcome many odds with the help of Hon’ble Director, NIT Sikkim and other faculty. This great initiative started in the year 2014 .It includes comprehensive talks, tech-exhibitions, workshops, different events, cultural nights and many more. It has grown to be one of the most anticipated extravaganzas in North-East because of the quality of events and participation. The festival is graced by the presence of renowned personalities from around the globe who not only attend the fest but also inspire the students with their talks towards sustainable development of modern technology.

Abhiyantran 2014 was the first chapter of the great initiative. It was our honour to have the presence of eminent personalities like Prof. Chris Phillips, Prof. Gautam Biswas here at our tech fest. Workshops on Ethical Hacking, Android app development, AutoCAD, Swarm Robotics and Quadcopter were conducted under the fest. Projects were displayed during the fest and cultural programmes and different competitions were held.

Abhiyantran 2015

Abhiyantran 2015 was the second chapter of this initiative organised by the student's society of NIT Sikkim.

The second chapter was very proud to honour eminent personalities like Dr. A.S. Kiran Kumar[Chairman ISRO], Mrs. Deepa Mallik[Arjuna awardee], Dr. A.L.V. Kumar Reddy, Mr. Srinivas Chamarthy, Dr. Raj Reddy. Many workshops on Ethical Hacking, Tall Building structures, Arduino Programming, Touch and Augmented Matrix. Many entertaining events were held during the 4 day long fest. It included the outstanding performances from various cultural artists like Dhananjay Hegde, Passang Lama and students both from various institutes. Research and Innovation Summit was held welcoming students from various institutes.

Abhiyantran 2016

As per the culture of NIT Sikkim, in every monsoon semester, NIT Sikkim organizes Abhiyantran for the young aspirants of the college with a very high competitive spirit and with strong determination of the participants. For the year 2016, we organized Abhiyantran 2016 with same enthusiasm and determination among new set of student coordinators, volunteers during 15th September-17th September.

Before the commencement of main event, several workshops were delivered by professionals specialized in the particular industry. Workshops conducted on Ethical-Hacking, Hydraulic-Arm, HPC Modernization, IC Engine Overhauling, IoT, Seismic design of building. The Workshops organized got a lot of appreciation from participants. Talks were given by the gazetted personalities. Talks so far have been delivered by Dr. Lobsang Sangay, Tibetan legal scholar and politician; Dr. Sujatha Ramdorai, the Mathematician; Mr.Ravi Venkatesan, former chairman of Microsoft; Dr. Asis Datta, Indian Biochemist and Dr. Anirban Basu.